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Women entrepreneurs - a competitive edge for the future
The richest 3 % control more than 97 % of the world’s wealth. Out of the 3 %, women are a minority, and in the 97 % they are a huge majority. The global inequality crisis creates too many problems in the world, like terror, wars and climate change, just to name a few.

As women represent over half of the global talent pool it is clear to us that they should be at the forefront of the economic and social scene, not just out of the sense of fairness but to ensure that the very best minds, are brought together to address the challenges that society faces

And this is our mission:
We want to reduce the inequality in the world by making it easier for women around the world to start their businesses and to make their own money.


Independence Step is the ultimate online business community with an innovative step-by-step service designed for women who want to start their own business

Creating your own business is fun and interesting, it also takes a lot of work and there are many things to consider. Sometimes you can even feel a little lonely. Not anymore. Independence Step is an online global business community making it easier and more social to start your own business.

We have made a super easy to use online service providing helpful tools and guides in your own language. All you need is internet.

Independence Step will keep you motivated and ready by providing a 12 step program giving all the information you need. Wether it is writing your business plan, hiring or important tax rules your guide will walk you through it.

“We believe in more balance in power and money distribution. The global inequality crisis is increasing. We are changing this, by uniting the women of the world, enabling them to start their own business and to make their own money.”


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